Album Lyrics: There Was A Spring (2016)

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 Wake Up

You call my name but I fear

Hearing your refrain on me

You call my eyes to open wide

And to realize that there is something more to this life

Than the numbing of my body and my mind

Than simply spinning cycles of time


Wake up oh sleeper, wake up

And raise your weary head

It’s time to wake up from the dead


You call my ears but I fear

The sound you’ll put into my heart, ohhh

You call my feet

To move off the start

To run the race of love, of love

That makes a beautiful life and so much more

It lays the foundation to restore


You took me to the place

Where the old song is played

In the rhythm of your melody

I rested my head

You let me sleep in the song

That whispers to me all night long

Of how things are going to be


Zero In The Valley

Up on the hill there’s more than enough

The share is growing, the wage is going up, going up

But down in the valley the tale is growing dim

Gardens lie fallow and the hills are closing in


Zero in the valley, too much on the hill

There’s no common ground or good

The world is standing still

Zero in the valley, too much on the hill


Anguish runs through the valley in the night

Living on edge, hard pressed on every side, every side

There’s no room to breathe and it’s dangerous to say

That we’re coming together for better pay


Can you see? Do you feel?


Up on the hill there’s more than enough


Thirsty Son

One day to great surprise

You realized a new light within your eyes

Born in a vacant room

A fire, a heart in bloom


A feeling in your bones

To make things known

They’re throwing heavy stones your way


Thirsty son on the run

Don’t you dare hold your tongue

Speak your mind in this time

Of lovers, lovers and lies


Running in a violent world

Your words stir new worlds

A poet in perfect form

Like thunder in a raging storm


Don’t you hesitate

Don’t you hesitate

Don’t you hesitate

Stand your ground


Fall Up To You

Every day of my life I’ve been told that when

I get it wrong, that it’s the end and there’s no

Fixing my mistakes

I’m alone in this race

I’ve only got one chance and it’s gone

I feel like such a fool

Holding on to that which fades

Like colours in the rain


I’m in the waiting room waiting to see

What will become of me

I’m in the waiting room and there’s just

One thing left to do


I’m gonna fall up to you

I’m gonna fall up to you

I’m gonna fall up to you

Tonight, oooh


When I was a child I had a dream

So I took my first baby steps

Never thinking that I’d make such a mess

Falling down, to get back up again

Tell me, what is success

But mistakes I’ve learned to not regret?

Being kind to my own heart

I find myself right back at the start


I’ve been chosen and I’m numbered

Living unencumbered in all I do

I’m alive and now I’m thriving

And I can’t help but sing

I’m flourishing


Well I’ve got nothing left to prove



Oh why is it so hard, why is it so hard

To tell right from wrong, right from wrong apart?

Lies and bending the rules, in a world where kings are fools

Where prophets are chased, while empire slaves are made


Tell me why, tell me why must it be this way?

Why can’t I, why can’t I see straight?


I long for some truth, I long for some truth to tell

Sometimes their good, their good is an empty shell

Truth, speak your good name into the depths of me

Then I will stand, I’ll stand and clearly see


You’ve got me blind as I am

You took this old broken hand

And guided me home at night


Truth, speak your good name

Into the depths of me

Then I will stand, I’ll stand and clearly see


Cold & Grey All Week

I walk down the street

Along the colours of fall

It makes my heart weep as I think of it all

My memory so dim

Of how you got under my skin

It fades, like the colours fade from everything

And the heartache on my face says it all

I’ve been swimming in defeat

Oh, it’s been cold and grey all week


As much as you tried

I closed my eyes

I couldn’t look at you anymore, the dream it died

Hope left my smile

My heart turned to blue

As I saw the world destroy all that I knew

Then the light grew dangerously dim

Darkness fell upon my street

Oh, it’s been cold and grey all week


There was a spring

When your love made me sing

I danced for your future, to mend everything

I saw you everywhere

In the most distant stare

Of wandering strangers wrapped in despair

Then the light burned beautiful bright

And it moved my weary feet

Oh, when it was cold and grey all week


Whistling In The Dark

Hard days have settled in

I’m farther than I’ve ever been

From home and unknown

Things are changing all around

The sky has turned and so’s the ground

And I’m cold like a stone

I find myself whistling in the dark alone


Tangled web of misery

There’s something grabbing hold of me

I feel it but I cannot see

Meet me in the mystery

Will you be enough?

For I’m by myself

Whistling in the dark for love


Disappointment caught my eye

I’m waiting for the sun to shine

I’m far away from morning time

Every day I close my eyes

All above me stormy skies

Oh, take me back to the start

I find myself whistling in the dark real hard


I’d give all away for a brighter day

I whistle and wonder

You give love away, a chance to make

Everything new and we’ll never walk alone

No, we’ll never walk alone

No, we’ll never walk alone

Take me back to the start


Banyan Tree

Home is where you took me

In toasty sun and salty breeze

Living in our banyan tree

Simple love running deep


Now driftwood is our banyan tree

Traditions lost, faded memories

I miss your voice so desperately

I know you’re out on a distant sea


Banyan tree, banyan tree

It’s so hard to let you go

Banyan tree, banyan tree

Loves new home, loves new home for me


It’s so hard to let you go

Searing pain and deep sorrow

From destruction something grows

Out of dust there comes new hope


In your absence I have seen

Desolation sprouts new dreams

Your parting gift a little tree

To keep me, keep me, keep me constant company


Of Peace

Stung by suffering and out of breath

You obsess about the anxious mess

Startled heart and you’re in distress so you ask

How can this world fly

With violence on her wings, in a broken sky?

It kills the song of those that sing in the night


Of peace

She rises up from underneath

Her whisper small

Listen to her call

Can you hear her in the breeze?

The mighty brought to their knees

The guns they freeze

The wicked flee

As she makes room for the coming dream

Of peace


She brings you under her wing

While you’re hurting from the sting

Turning tears into nourishing

They run like a tender stream that she guides

With flowering trees by her sides

And leaves for the healing of broken lives

The comfort of a new and gentle time


Shakespeare Kind Of Love – Sonnet 64

The times I’ve lost it all

Pride and then the fall

Have taught me to meditate on this

The thought of losing you

It’s like a death that I cannot choose

It colours my world a crazy blue

And it makes me weep as I hold on

To that which I fear to lose


Oh, it’s a Shakespeare kind of love

Oh, it’s a Shakespeare kind of love

It’s got a hold of me

And baby, I don’t know how to be


Such a flower you are

You’re a beauty to behold

You are warmth from the cold of my heart alone

Shelter from a rainy day

You’re the words when I try to pray

But I’m sad because

Time will come to take my love

Time will take my love away


Fortune is found

Not in riches of gold

But in the moments of a long love story told

Where you are with me

More real than reality

Baby, I’m here because I am trying to be

Present for that aching need

The need for love to feel


It’s Over

It’s over

It’s over my dear

You call my name

But I cannot hear, I cannot hear


I remember

Being wrapped in your arms

I was dreaming in the most colourful terms

You met me where I yearn


Your eyes

I thought were filled with light

But the flicker led me to the night


The farther we went

Not knowing where to end

I was tangled in your web blind and misled

But I couldn’t see it then


You taught me in time

To love what I hate

You pulled me away from the true light


It’s over


The Heart Will Make it Plain

Standing on the edge of tomorrow

The sorrow too much to bear

Confused at all the feelings in the air

I’m on a train away from my memories

A one-way ticket into to the breeze

With a new plan to make it all right

But she found that her confusion still remained

The price of love too much to pay


The heart will make it plain

Even in the driving rain

When you’re hoping for the sun to shine again


I’m waiting in the den with the lions

My future is unclear

I’m in a distant land for too many years

I’m leaning on the words of my true love

To provide me a new way out

Into deeper trust with my whole heart

But it’s hard when he can’t see the light of day

True love is worth the wait


All the wonders and the mysteries are not in vain

One day the heart will make it plain


The heart will make it plain