the Darling Hurts Band


Darling Hurts is a folk rock band from Vancouver, Canada, made up of seven friends that harmonize and story tell their way through important issues in our time. “We want to provoke and energize people toward new possibilities with our music”, says lead singer, John Santic. Darling Hurts has many influences that contribute to the sound. With an emphasis on writing from a place of curiosity and questioning, Darling Hurts began as a collaborative song writing project and morphed into a greater vision to tell a musical story about hope and possibility.

Why Darling Hurts? There is tension in the name that recognizes the influence of beauty and pain in the human experience. We write from this tension within and want to connect through music with the darling and the hurt inside us all. We try to see things for what they really are and then build with hopeful possibilities. The name fits us and helps us along in the journey. Join us!

Band members:

John Santic – vocals, guitar
Craig Bosnick – drums, banjo, vocals
Natalie Warkentin – violin, vocals
Alissa Chojnacki – vocals
Christine Bunkowski – vocals
Rick Eitzen – mandolin, ukulele, guitar, vocals
Darren Elliott – bass


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